How to use KampKlar

'KampKlar' is a free online tool for team administration. You can find KampKlar in the app 'Fodbold'. KampKlar is not versioned in english. This page contains the basic steps for using KampKlar. You can definitely get the additional and fast help you might need to get further, from thousands of other KampKlar uses in the Facebook group here. 

1. Download the app 

To get started, download the app ‘Fodbold’ from App Store or Google Play.

App Store

Google Play

It looks like this on Google Play: 

2. Log on 

When you signed up at the club, you received an email from the Danish Football Association at the same time similar to this one:


You have to use this information to log on to the app.

Push the red ‘Log ind’ button. If you do not remember tour credentials, scroll down this page to get further. 

3. Forgot your password? 

If you do not remember your credentials, push ‘Glemt adgangskode’ just below the login button. Fill in  your email and click send. If you do not get an email, it is because you (or your child) is registered with a different email. In that case, you need to contact the club to get further.

4. Go to 'KampKlar'

5. Welcome the team

If you (or your child) are placed on a team, you will see the screen as shown to the left below. You can see your teammates – and coaches – on the menu ‘Holdet’ as shown on the right screen below. If the team is not visible, you have to contact your club. 

6. Sign up for activities 

You can register yourself (or your child) for activities in three different ways, dependent on how the coach or the teamleader created the event: 

  • Are you available? The coach picks the one to play from the ones available 
  • Can you play? Sign up for an activity. 
  • You are automatically signed up. You have to declare if you are not able to play 

Available looks like this on the activity. Push the orange button if you are available - or the red if you are not. In some cases, you have to confirm whether you are still able to participate after the coach has set the team. In that case, you will get notified about it. 

Sign up/sign off 

If there is a green button instead of an orange, you are signed up and not just available. 

Automatic signup 

If there is a green tick on the activity list, you are automatically signed up for the event, and therefore you have to sign off using the red button if you are not able to attend.